Founder and Chairman, Shalom Media

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Benny Punnathara took a bold leap of faith in the late 1980s. He quit his lucrative job and began on a humble journey sharing the Peace of Christ with the world. Through his leadership, the first-ever Indian Catholic satellite television channel was launched in a nation where the Christian population is less than 3%. The channel was launched without any commercial backing—unheard of in those days—and still continues today as a leader in quality television programming for the Christian faith. Punnathara has authored many books on the faith life which have been translated into several languages. In 2012, then Pope Benedict XVI awarded the title of ‘Chevalier’ to Punnathara for his outstanding contributions to the Catholic Church and society. In addition to being the founder of Shalom ministries, Punnathara serves as the Chairman of Shalom Media. He and his wife, Stella, an author and speaker, have two children.