Accessing Shalom Apps Are Easier Than Ever

Available for Apple and Android, Shalom apps are powered to spread the Gospel and change the world.

Delivering the Peace of Christ across the globe, SHALOM WORLD is viewed in over 150 countries. Our app, in English, offers live streaming of the channel, a great selection of archived programs, opportunities to set reminders, send in your prayer requests, and more.

Download today and begin reading for FREE! Available only on the iPad, Shalom Tidings brings to you stories from the heart to inspire readers from around the world.

This Malayalam-language television channel offers a great line-up of programs, a full schedule, live streaming, and so much more!

The app provides a common platform to experience the peace of Christ that is being delivered through modern means of communication including print, visual and new media. Programs broadcast on Shalom America, Shalom Europe and Shalom India are available on the app.

Through Malayalam-language Radio Wind, open your ears and hearts to listen to God's Word through beautiful and moving Christian songs and programs.