About Shalom Publications

Shalom understands the power of the written word. The ministry was built through the words of hope and faith offered in its first publication, "Shalom Times". Since then, we have expanded with "Sunday Shalom" newspaper and "Shalom Tidings" magazine. Each publication is prayerfully put together and designed. And now, our e-store, "Sophia Buy", offers a platform to build your spiritual library with books that will inspire and educate you and your family in the faith.


This English magazine is intended to instill hope in human hearts with inspiring testimonies, stories of incredible experiences of God, and personal conversions.


This magazine in Malayalam is full of articles that bring people's daily experience of God to the fore, expressed in simple and sincere language. It has been a comfort and a spiritual guide to more than half a million readers.


This biweekly bilingual newspaper has a vision to educate readers on the position of the Catholic Church on various contemporary social, political, and religious issues. With news from the Vatican to the local parish, inspiring articles, meaningful reflections, and powerful editorials, he covers the landscape of Christian life.