Shalom Media USA and Jesus Youth are now Media Partners


Two acclaimed Catholic ministries, Shalom World TV and Jesus Youth, are forging a new partnership to bring engaging, fresh content to screens worldwide. Both groups seek to ignite a Holy Spirit revolution, especially among youth, thus, uplifting the world.


Shalom World is a high-definition Catholic TV network that offers free, commercial-free, 24/7 family programs to enrich and evangelize. Reaching eight million households globally and named “Television Station of the Year,” by the Catholic Press Association (CPA), Shalom World received the CPA’s First Place 2020 Gabriel Award.

Jesus Youth ignited from India’s Catholic charismatic revival in the mid-1970s. Recognized by the Holy See in 2016, this international private association invites faithful from all states of life, to live and spread the joy, vitality, and fullness of life discovered in Christ.


Since its founding five years ago, Shalom World TV has featured Jesus Youth conferences, concerts, testimonies, and interviews. Now, Shalom World and Jesus Youth will magnify this content, jointly offering compelling television shows crafted to address today’s critical needs.


Their first half-hour weekly TV program series set for release on Sunday, September 5th, 9:30 PM ET/BST/AEST, God’s Crazy People, explores the life journeys of 28 young men and women who set aside studies and careers, to pursue God’s call. Giving a full-time volunteer gap year for Christ, these 21st-century missionaries provide a panorama of positive Christian role models — a counterpoint to secular “stars” craving worldly success. Print testimonies of Jesus Youth will also appear in Shalom Tidings Magazine. Stay tuned for other joint initiatives that will breathe fresh perspective into pandemic-weary souls.

Shalom World is available on TV platforms and devices with a downloadable FREE app in the App Store, Google Play Store, Kindle and Amazon Fire HD and An innovative Media Gallery can also be embedded for FREE on diocesan/parish and ministry websites for full access to Shalom World programs, including thousands of videos on demand.


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