Making God’s Dreams A Reality

The battle for souls rages in the world as popular media feeds a culture of darkness and death. But there are individuals like yourself who seek to combat evil. These are the individuals who gathered together to form the Shalom Peace Fellowship (SPF).

Our SPF family is comprised of ordinary individuals from all walks of life: teachers, healthcare workers, engineers, homemakers, small business owners, and more. Oftentimes, they give not from their surplus, but from their meagre means. But, they are emboldened to join Shalom Media as we engage viewers of our television channels, readers of our publications, and participants at our events.

From the start, Shalom Media has been fully funded by supporters like you who are vital in fulfilling our mission. We know that the Good News of Jesus Christ is too good to keep to ourselves: His Peace and Love is for everyone!

Will you make the commitment today to support global evangelization with a monthly donation—no matter how big or small! Your monthly support makes you a member of our Shalom Peace Fellowship family, so give today by clicking below.


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