Shalom World to host ‘Pray for India’ week-long Eucharistic Adoration on SW Prayer Channel for pandemic-ravaged India


Shalom World is hosting a seven-day round-the-clock prayer and Eucharistic Adoration imploring heaven for an end to the terrible coronavirus onslaught on India. Under the auspices of Spiritual Director Fr Roy Palatty CMI, Shalom Media is conducting ‘Pray for India’ from May 16 to 22 during which there will be incessant prayers and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament led by bishops, priests as well as lay ministers from 12 different countries.


The Eucharistic Adoration will be broadcast through SW PRAYER, a recently launched channel that is exclusively dedicated for prayer. This will also be live streamed through SW PRAYER’s YouTube channel so that millions around the world can take part in this solemn initiative and pray for their suffering brethren in India. The Adoration will begin at 12 am (EST) on Sunday, May 16, and it will conclude at 12 am (EST) on Sunday, May 23.


The nation of more than a billion people is counting its coronavirus casualties in thousands every day and the numbers are on an upward spiral. In such a morbid situation when all seems to be lost, Christ is our only hope and prayer is the ultimate weapon. Please do join this sacred endeavor and storm heaven with your prayers for India which is going through one of its darkest moments in history.

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