Shalom World TV’s New “40 Martyrs of England and Wales” Documentary Series Invites All To Unshakeable Faith


Award-winning Shalom World TV is all set to broadcast its new documentary series entitled “40 Martyrs of England and Wales” which showcases the stories of the amazing martyrs and saints of the Reformation period in England and Wales. Its maiden episode will be broadcast on August 18 and each one running into 30 minutes will be aired every Thursday at 9:30 PM Eastern Time. Those being featured in the documentary series include “Pearl of York” Margaret Clitherow, Jesuit priest Edmund Campion, and lawyer-statesman Thomas More. All of them were brutally executed by the Crown during the persecution which took place in the 16th and 17th Centuries.

Filmed on locations in the United Kingdom, “40 Martyrs of England and Wales” explores historical backdrops and stories of men and women who sacrificed their lives for the Lord during the brutal persecution of Catholics from 1535-1679. During those dark years, partaking in Holy Mass or other Sacraments, remaining faithful to the Pope, or giving a Catholic priest or religious shelter, were labeled acts of treason. Priests, religious and all who helped them, were hung, drawn, and quartered for this “crime” of living their faith. But, they proclaimed their love of Christ to their last breath.

“The stories of their heroic witness will teach us, and enflame our faith today,” says versatile actress and singer Monica Nash, who is the host and narrator of the series. With credits covering classical and family theater, musicals, film, and audio drama, Nash pays homage to the heroic faithful “from all walks of life” who “became the martyr saints of England and Wales.” Their stories are ones of triumph, and this shines forth in each new saint or saints Nash presents.

Filmed on sites pertinent to each saint’s life and death, “40 Martyrs” is written by Dora and Andrew Nash. Meeting as students at Cambridge University in the 1970s, both are acclaimed scholars and authors.

Teaming with award-winning Shalom World TV Producer Chandy Nanar, the Nashes have crafted this series with a rich eye for authenticity and detail. Life is breathed into each story through narration, interview segments, and visits to significant locales. The series draws viewers to understand the issues and events that the saints faced. It will also demonstrate how they managed to practice their faith in secret and keep their burning love for Christ alive. Those who watch the program will be educated and inspired, assert the program’s creators. Viewers will be reminded about how all are commissioned to love Christ and stay true to His Church, even during difficult times.


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